What does the custom button?

It is a more exclusive product is performed only on request of the customer, so we will manufacture it for you. You can fill out the contact form, to know the time of manufacture delivery of the product of interest. Also can be added or changes in the design size to mate at will.


can I customize my purchases?

Most products, as fans, colonies, pendants etc. can be customized with your name, well painted by the artist or engraved on the back of the jewel. You can also apply simple modifications such as colors, sizes, etc. that if it is in our hands be happy to make so, with the corresponding bonus.


And if a gift? Can send already gift wrapped?

Sure, we can wrap your shopping with our exclusive gift wrap, add a card greeting note that to us have sent, and the person, it will receive it directly.

Even scanned a note in your own handwriting, for a personal touch.


What sizes are small, medium and large our rings?

The small rings are size 12, size 14 medium and large size 16.

On request can open the ring to be coupled to any size.


What sizes are size 1, 2 and 3 of our dresses?

  • The 1 corresponds to a size 36-38
  • The size 2 corresponds to a 38-40
  • The size 3 corresponds to a 42-44

Being elastic fabrics clothes are very adaptable.