charmo marin

Since I was a child I have dreamt of riding a horse dressed in a dress made of flower petals. From an early age, I remember my mother sewing with a Singer machine exhausting her eyes, hands and energy making beautiful dresses. I have never thought that I would end up having something to do with fashion. Suddenly, I saw crystal clear that fashion is art in motion, just like the organic evolution since it relies on mood and varies according to what you've eaten.

My costumes have my own imprint: elegance, comfort and personalization make them suitable for all types of physiognomy.

charo marín - Fashion charo marín - Fashion charo marín - Fashion charo marín - Fashion charo marín - Fashion


charo marín Fashion WOMENSWEAR

My women dresses are designed for the contemporary women who travel and needs practical and adaptable designs in fabrics that do not crease and suit any occasion.


charo marín Fashion MENSWEAR

Kimonos, scarves, umbrellas, a perfume designed with algae and mosses of the forest ... These are all accessorize breathing the essence of what I think is fashion for men: a perfect balance between austerity and originality.


charo marín Fashion WEDDING DRESSES

I think the wedding dress is the most important dress in a woman´s life. I have always striven to make women feel as goddesses and focus everyone´s attention that day.


charo marín Fashion STYLISM

What matters most to me is to make you feel as you want to be: spectacular, elegant, discreet...