charmo marin

I have always thought of a jewel as a little sculpture that we carry with us, uplifting our personal category and giving us light. That is the concept of art for me and the base from which I have created my jewelry, inspired by literature, operas, paintings or cities.

Wearing a Charo Marín jewel is sharing a piece of my soul. In fact, many of these pieces were at first sketches for enormous sculptures, which finally were turned into little luxuries that we can all afford.

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charo marín Jewellery JEWEL COLLECTION

This collection is inspired by the essence of life, the insatiable flow of emotions that are always in a state of transformation. Fire and Water is an antidote for the tired, the passionate or the subtle spirit since it is timeless and suitable for every occasion, belonging to our most immediate present.


charo marín Jewellery CUSTOM JEWELRY

My designs are always based on the personality of the client who trusts me for creating a jewel. For me, they are the real stars. An ancient family trinket, a fossil found on a journey of love, a childhood memory ... I value, elevate and transform all these elements by turning them into unique handmade pieces of jewelry.


charo marín Jewellery LIMITED FANTASIES

I enjoy picking up stones, feathers, remnants of things that I've found travelling, tassels of my childhood, anything that touches me or that I have kept for some reason in order to create these funny, juicy and cheerful fantasy jewels.


charo marín Jewellery UNIQUE PIECES

This collection is characterized by the fact that the artist does the work from the conception to the end, that is, from the shank of the ring itself to the very crystal ball and design...