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Charo Marín Website Launch 2012

Charo Marín has put all her hopes and professional aspirations to reach the general public in the hands of to the prestigious Valencian ICT´s company Ecran that has just launched her website. This digital space represents a new and different way of presenting the artist´s works in her career.

We should highlight that this web is definitely a tool to democratize art and approach all audiences. Art is not exclusive to a particular social class; but it is indeed exclusive for people with style, sensibility and culture.

We are surprised that Ecran has been able to translate the simplicity, elegance and proximity of Charo Marín´s work. It offers a tour throughout Charo Marín´s vast experience in such varied areas as jewellery, fashion, decor and, of course, her paintings, sculpture and literature.

Technically, the site reflects the latest trends in technology and it is fully optimized for search engine positioning. On a graphic and functional level, we should emphasize the usability of its navigation and the fact that the site enables us to enlarge images in high resolution.

In short, the new website of Charo Marín wants to be a living space in constant evolution, reflecting the dynamic nature of this restless artist who continues to innovate, offering us new horizons.